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Monday, August 6, 2012

Post #6

 I have used Edmodo, google docs, today's meet, and blogger.  I look forward to using Edmodo with my language arts and social studies classes as a tool to integrate the content areas.  The kids will enjoy using the social platforms to demonstrate their learning. . .and the grading will so much easier since I can do it from home and just use my laptop.
If I was using Edmodo in a lesson, I would have a center to ask the kids about the objective of the day.  For example, if we had a mini-lesson on characterization, I would ask the kids to define it on Edmodo to check their understanding. 
These tools will be wonderful to get students to participate and start owning academic vocabulary.  I can give students the needed support, appropriate for their level (ESL/SPED) and they can have ownership of they add to the class forum.
Edmodo Sample
Archetypes WS
Today's meet forum


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