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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tool ELEVEN!!!!  :)
I can't wait to use the new platforms for discussion: Today's Meet, Edmodo, Google docs, and others to get kids talking and thinking about the content.  I want them to feel empowered in using academic vocabulary, making connections to real-world experience, and collaborating with others in the public when necessary to make learning real and relevant.

How has your vision for your classroom changed? Are you going to need to make any changes to your classroom to accommodate the 21st Century learner?
I feel re-energized about integrating technology to support and drive my instruction.  I know it is a work in progress and I must make adjustments as needed to make things go smoothly.  I am flexible and open for these changes- it makes me a better teacher, in tune with my resources and my kids.

  I haven't really found any unexpected outcomes from 11 Tools.  I have used some the resources and and have found new ones. . . I am ready to get started!!! 

Monday, August 6, 2012

POST #10

I want the kids to be safe from online predators, have good judgement about using the internet (appropriate use and credible sources), and not violate copyright law in order to be good online citizens.

Clear perimeters are needed to make sure that kids have an understanding of the expectations in the student handbook. I will break it down into kid language and the kids will make anchor charts to use as reminders about the expectations.

I will definitely use Brainpop to talk about plagiarism and online safety- I want the kids to have many opportunities to know that we are serious about the need to be careful online.

I would like to have the students prepare short digital presentations to show parents how they practice safe internet/technology skills for Back to School Night. (They could possibly learn something too!!)

 Post #9
I feel it is super important to tie the objective to technology.  I want to make my classroom align with the experiences and environment of modern society.  Too often, kids feel stifled by the antiquities in the classroom (pen and paper, pen and paper, pen and paper)  when they can use technology as a platform to make the content connect to their lives and more meaningful.

However, never should kids see technology as a cop out for doing actual work.  They will have rubrics, objectives, and specific goals for each lesson so students have CLEAR expectations at all times. 
I explored Studyladder and Thinkfinity.  There are a ton of activities that I could use in my classroom for SS and LA.  I love that I can get lost looking for lessons and ideas for centers/stations- these are valuable resources!!  I know that I want to buy some itunes cards to load some apps, but I really won't have to in order to get quality material for my itouches.  Whichever game/activity I use, I will make sure that the students have some proof to show what they did with their time.  Certainly, I will monitor their use while on devices. 

I foresee using the itouches for the students to make short instructional videos as minilessons.  They would have a lot of fun creating and teaching others. . . and that is an excellent way to reflect what you have learned.
Post #8
I know that I have 5 net books and 5 itouches for my classroom.  I am SO excited to use them and integrate them in to the classroom routine!

I got some ideas about how I can use them from Classroom Integration:
Individual Learning Devices

  • Student created podcasts/videos
  • Student publishing
  • Journaling/writing
  • Investigations
  • Collecting/Monitoring Data
  • Graphing
  • Audiobooks
  • Content-specific reinforcement activities
  • Enrichment with edu-games
  • Virtual Field Trips, Tours
  • Webquests
  • Personal Information Manager
Paired Activities (in conjunction with above)
  • Shared whiteboard space
  • Paired tutorial games
  • Oral fluency practice
Small Groups (in conjunction with above)
  • Student-created tutorials
  • Collaborative writing and editing
Whole Group (in conjunction with above)
  • Journaling
  • Writing prompts
  • Whole group formative assessment
Learning Stations (in conjunction with above)
  • Targeted activities around a specific theme
  • Integrated step in a project-based unit
The main issue is to build the classroom procedures so the use of the net books/ itouches DO NOT interfere with the flow of the routine.  It takes repetition, practice, and more practice.  The more time I spend to set up the class procedures, the better!
Post #7
(9)  Reading/Comprehension of Literary Text/Fiction. Students understand, make inferences and draw conclusions about the structure and elements of fiction and provide evidence from text to support their understanding. Students are expected to:
(A)  describe the plot (problem and solution) and retell a story's beginning, middle, and end with attention to the sequence of events
I plan to have my 3 different sections of Language Arts collaborate with each other. I will do a read aloud (The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane) to them, and have them give textual evidence in their posts on Edmodo of a global question on the novel. For example, why does each chapter feature a different family?
I foresee using this as a center and as an assessment to see if students are keeping track of the text. I want students from different classes to compare their ideas and even have academic debates about predictions for the novel.
Post #6

 I have used Edmodo, google docs, today's meet, and blogger.  I look forward to using Edmodo with my language arts and social studies classes as a tool to integrate the content areas.  The kids will enjoy using the social platforms to demonstrate their learning. . .and the grading will so much easier since I can do it from home and just use my laptop.
If I was using Edmodo in a lesson, I would have a center to ask the kids about the objective of the day.  For example, if we had a mini-lesson on characterization, I would ask the kids to define it on Edmodo to check their understanding. 
These tools will be wonderful to get students to participate and start owning academic vocabulary.  I can give students the needed support, appropriate for their level (ESL/SPED) and they can have ownership of they add to the class forum.
Edmodo Sample
Archetypes WS
Today's meet forum


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tool Cinco!!!!
This tool "Big Huge Labs" would be great to use to create illustrations to go with stories written by students. I think the kids would have a blast making magazine covers, comic captions to pictures, or movie posters too!

I also went to MixBook to create a compilation of photos.  This would be wonderful for creating a children's storybook (as an assessment) incorporating literary terms and devices. Or we could use this comic book captions to utilize onomatopoeias. . .